Identification of product-specific spoiling processes and lead substances

We characterize foods and food ingredients that are used in and developed for modern, healthy food products. We use standardised methods and test units for determining the base chemical composition and the techno-functional properties. We test packaged foods for their quality status during the best-before period using chemical, physical, microbiological and sensory methods.

Range of services


  • Storage tests on packaged and non-packaged foods
    under controlled practical conditions (temperature, lighting, relative humidity) with analytical and sensory evaluation of changes in order to estimate the shelf-life

  • Determination of the requirements on packaging materials
    such as barrier properties, light protection, and the use of protective gases

  • Testing and assessment of the effectiveness of active and  intelligent packaging for foods

  • Measurement of oxygen scavenging in the gas and liquid phase and determination of the stability of fats and fat-containing foods to oxidation

  • Measurement of the sensitivity of foods to light and light protection systems for packaging

  • Identification of lead substances
    that can be used for rapid determination of quality changes in foods

  • Analysis of vitamins and specific natural substances

  • Measurement of heavy metals in foods and packaging materials

  • Determination of mycotoxins in foods

  • Determination of the physical and rheological properties of foods

  • Measurement of respiration rates in fresh foods (fruit, vegetables)