Technical films

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Technical films are used, for example, to give building surfaces self-cleaning and antimicrobial properties. For electronics they are used as barriers against water vapor and oxygen. These films have special electrical, optical and permeation properties due to the combination of several inorganic and polymer layers. We develop and optimize the required roll-to-roll processes for vapor deposition, lacquering, and atomic layer deposition (ALD) for specific applications. Film widths from a laboratory scale to small pilot plant scale are used (vapor deposition: up to 280 mm, lacquering: up to 600 mm; ALD: up to 180 mm).

Past work has addressed issues such as the stabilization of films to hydrolysis and UV radiation, the coatability of sensitive films at high temperatures, and the prevention of delamination between layers of different materials. The methods used in this work included permeation measurements, microscopic layer characterization, and computer simulation.