Bioenergy and materials from renewable raw materials

Projects are being undertaken in the area of bioenergy and materials from renewable raw materials. These projects concern the energetic and material recycling of raw materials and residual materials from the agricultural and food industries. The residual materials often contain high-value ingredients that can be used for technical applications. Oil press cake, for example, can contain polyphenols that can be used as natural antioxidants in fuels, plastics, and cosmetics. Any proteins in the press cake can be isolated and used as additives to improve the mechanical properties of packaging, car tires, and adhesives. A further activity is the recovery and modification of fats and oils (which are not suitable for foods) for the manufacture of mineral oil free cooling lubricants and for sustainable, eco-friendly fuels such as biodiesel and bioethanol.



Residues from guava processing

Brazil is a major guava grower (Psidium guajava). Although most fruit are consumed fresh, a considerable quantity of fruit is used for the production of confectionery products, fruit juices, marmalade, and other products. The processing of the guava usually only involves the fruit flesh. The skin, seeds, and pulp are byproducts and have no added value.