Hygienic Design Consulting - competitive advantage via information acquisition

News / September 30, 2020

On the left is the title page of the Requirements, on the right a man in a dark blue shirt explains a food processing plant to a colleague in a white coat.

The current Benchmarking Requirements JI and JII of the GFSI bring new challenges for food producers, machinery and plant constructors, and construction experts.

At present, the implementation of the regulations is still voluntary for CPO audits. Despite this, the requirements for the hygienic design of components, assemblies, and production plants are increasing. Topics such as hygienic product lifecycle and food safety culture are becoming ever more important.

Our hygienic design experts work closely with relevant organizations such as GFSI, EHEDG, 3A, and ENFIT. This means we are always aware of the latest developments.

This puts us in an excellent position to provide companies with comprehensive and reasoned advice, offer customized analysis of plants and processes, and assist with the implementation of the requirements. In addition, and in consultation with the EHEDG, we carry out cleaning tests for open systems.

This information gives your company a competitive advantage. It puts you ahead of the market, saves costs, and simultaneously demonstrates the value your organization puts on consumer safety and product quality.