Workshop in the scope of Campus of the Senses  /  October 15, 2018  -  October 16, 2018

Workshop »Analytical Data – Data Analytics«

Modern, high resolution laboratory instrumentation generate increasing volumes of comprehensive and complex data in many scientific disciplines, especially in the life sciences, chemistry, physiology and medicine.

Processing such data often involves combining datasets from different analytical systems, which often exceeds the limitations of contemporary data analytics tools.
The »Analytical Data - Data Analytics« workshop will deal with

  • combining analytical data
  • selecting suitable data processing tools
  • optimizing the valorization of complex datasets
  • establishing intelligent data processing interfaces

Experts from academia and the industry will report on the state-of-the-art in data processing and the future challenges that are faced. The workshop will provide a platform to discuss the risks, capabilities and opportunities on this highly relevant topic.

Join us in advancing the digital transformation of analytical data!