Optimization of food quality and shelf-life

Various foods against a white background

The increasing demand for natural products and ever longer distribution channels are making the demands on food quality and shelf life increasingly stringent. We analyse foods and food ingredients with regard to quality changes along the entire value chain. We use standardized methods to identify the chemical composition and the techno-functional profile. Using chemical, physical, microbiological and sensory methods as well as mathematical modelling, we determine the shelf life of foods and provide solutions to prolong their shelf life.

Our services for optimum shelf life

Identification of product-specific spoiling processes

We use controlled shelf-life tests as well as chemical, physical and microbiological analysis and identify specific lead substances


Microbiological validation

We test hygienic and aseptic filling units for their efficiency in sterilization



Quality assessment of chocolate and praline

We support you in optimizing the quality of your chocolate products.

Prognosis and Simulation of shelf-life

We calculate factors for prolonging the shelf-life of your products with our modular programme.

Shelf life & Packaging Act

The new Packaging Act came into force on 1 January 2019. It strengthens environmental protection and thus especially the recyclability of packaging. Make your products durable for a long time even in resource-saving packaging.

Shelf life & trade

International trade brings important economic benefits, but poses major challenges, especially in the food sector. You can also bridge long distribution channels thanks to improved product shelf life.

Shelf life & customer request

Many consumers attach great importance to short, comprehensible lists of ingredients as well as to products that are largely free of additives and preservatives. Offer your customers healthy, natural products with a long shelf life.

Quality preservation in food products – Research

Identification of product-specific spoiling processes

We study chemically, physically, and microbiologically induced quality changes and identify the indicators of spoiling along the whole processing chain. The influences of the quality of the raw materials, the composition of the formulations/recipes, the processing as well as packaging procedures, the type of packaging, and the storage conditions are evaluated. In the course of shelf-life tests, we collect scientifically based data to make durability quantifiable. To be able to show the quality changes in foods in real time, we work on identifying lead substances, which form during the aging or spoiling process. The quantification of these substances and their correlation with crucial quality parameters enables a quick evaluation of product freshness.

Modell calculations for shelf-life estimation

We are helping to reduce product discard in the retail sector by developing intelligent systems as an alternative to best before dates on the basis of analysis results. We can indicate the change in product quality dynamically depending on the particular storage conditions. The comprehensively collected data additionally enables us to develop mathematical models for fast shelf-life estimation. (Shelf Life Simulation).

Physical sterilization procedures and antimicrobial plant extracts for prolonging shelf-life  

To prolong product shelf-life, we research physical sterilization procedures like plasma technology or UV-sources and possibilities for application of atimicrobialy active plant extracts for usage on food as well as in active packaging. With this we reduce the application of conventional preservatives in foods and thus support clean labeling. We generate tailored concepts for prolonging shelf-life for specific food items.