Development and optimization of packaging materials

Multilayer packaging – barrier films – shelf life simulation

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Characterization, evaluation, and optimization of your packaging systems

We develop customized multilayer packaging, including systems based on biopolymers, for foods and technical articles. Shelf life modeling helps us find the optimal packaging concept for your product. We take into account the transport and storage conditions and any special requirements of the packaging material such as recyclability in accordance with the new German Packaging Act. The characterization and evaluation of packaging materials is performed using our state-of-the-art analytical facilities. In addition we carry out in-house material, migration, and sensory tests to optimize packaging quality.

Our services in packaging development

Multilayer concepts

Scale up to pilot production, including the manufacture of product samples


Computer simulation for optimum packaging

Using computer simulation based on extensive databases we can adapt packaging systems to your specific products.


Technical (ultra) barrier films

We have in-depth expertise developing technical films with especially high barrier performance, for example for solar cells, LEDs, and thin film batteries.

Analysis of the processing behavior of materials

We analyze and characterize the processing behavior of flexible materials under near-industrial conditions.

Biopolymers for packaging

Do you want to improve the recyclability of your packaging and enhance the sustainability of your products? If so, then biopolymers have enormous potential.


Active packaging

Enhance the quality of your packaging by adding active functionalities such as antimicrobial, oxygen-scavenging, and moisture-absorbing properties.

Take advantage of our support!

Ultra barrier films are our special expertise

Especially in the field of barrier and ultra barrier films we are your competent partner due to our many years of experience. Pilot-scale production is possible in our own pilot plant. Multi-layer extrusion of polymeric flat and flexible materials as well as their wet-chemical or vacuum-technical coating on a pilot plant scale has been carried out by us for many years. The (ultra) barrier films developed in this way, also with integrated active function, are used both for food packaging and for technical applications. We evaluate the surface structure (e.g. with AFM), the mechanical and optical properties of packaging materials, and the barrier properties to gases and water vapor. The permeation data are interpreted using advanced simulation programs. This allows us to extrapolate the measurement data to the end value, so considerably shortening measurement times.

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