Hands each holding a recyclable product (glass bottle, can, egg box, plastic bottle, light bulb), recycled granules in green in the background.
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Recycling and Environment

Our solvent-based recycling process, the Creasolv® Process, enables you to recover pure, high-quality polymers from waste plastic and packaging. We can help you optimize your existing recycling processes, analyze your products for hazardous materials, and help you replace fossil raw materials with renewables, so promoting the bioeconomy.

Recycling and Environment – Research and development


Recycling plastics – CreaSolv® Process


Recyclability of


Recycling of packaging


Recycling plants


Sensory optimization of recyclates


Environmental analysis – Analysis of contaminants


Bio-based additives from phytochemicals (SPS)


Biobased technical


Our pilot plant to develop processes for plastic recycling

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Dr. Martin Schlummer

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Recycling and Environment

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