Characterization and adaptation of multisensory product perception

Product perception and the evaluation of sensory properties involves the complex interaction of various sensory impressions. State-of-the-art analyses and multidimensional stimulation scenarios allow the analysis and optimization of all sensory properties, namely smell, feel, sound, appearabnce, and taste. Our expertise gives you detailed insight into the acceptance of and preference for specific product properties. This knowledge gives you the opportunity to optimize your products to customer needs and this brings you key competitive advantages.

The results of our multisensory analyses provide important guidelines for various sectors of industry, for example for the manufacture of foods, toys, cosmetics, textiles, and cleaning agents.

Our services in the field of multisensory perception

  • Product optimization via multisensory stimulation scenarios

  • Investigation of the mechanisms of hedonistic evaluation of foods

  • Diverse physiological and psychological experiments (e g. measurement of the heartbeat, blood pressure, and skin conductivity; analysis of facial expressions, attention span measurements)

  • Psychological-emotional analyses such as structured interviews, psychological questionnaires, electroencephalograms (EEGs), and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)

  • Customer-specific advice on multisensory perception and the optimization of manufacturing processes
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Interaction of the different sensory modalities during the holistic perception of cosmetics and personal care products.

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Evaluation of attention with the aid of an eye tracker.

Monitoring physiological parameters during odor stimulation
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Monitoring physiological parameters during odor stimulation

Research – Multisensory perception

In everyday life we perceive objects and products not using a single sensory system but rather using multiple senses. Our interdisciplinary, internationally recognized team of experts studies the holistic perception of products using innovative multisensory stimulation scenarios. This includes automated odor and taste stimulation, the simultaneous presence of other stimuli (such as visual and acoustic stimuli), and also virtual reality methods. We study the behavior of consumers based on sense perception. Using objective and subjective measurement methods coupled with biofeedback, we measure the aversion and acceptance of consumers to products and evaluate those parameters that can consciously or unconsciously influence the decision of consumers to buy particular products.

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