Biobased additives from secondary plant substances (SPSs)

Biobased products need biobased additives

We help you introduce biobased additives into your chemical/technical products.
Secondary plant substances (SPSs) naturally have functional properties that are often similar to those of synthetic additives. In order to isolate different classes of SPS we design efficient extraction processes for the various plant raw materials and waste materials from the food and agricultural industries. We subsequently develop model water-based, solvent-based, or oil-based formulations in order to dissolve the secondary plant substances in different liquid media. In this way we can produce biobased additives such as antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, friction-reducing agents, anti-abrasion additives, and pigments/colorants.

Integrate secondary plant substances into your biobased product! We assist you with all the necessary process steps.

Our range of services for biobased additives from SPSs

Raw material selection for recovering SPSs

We analyze plant-based raw materials and waste materials for valuable and functional plant ingredients. For example:

  • Citrus fruit peel
  • Grape residues
  • Oil press cake from olives and rapeseed

Development of special extraction methods

We adapt the extraction method to the particular raw material. We have an

Sample production of biodegradable additives

We prepare model formulations based on water, solvent, and oil. For example: oxidation inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors

  • Friction-reducing agents and anti-abrasion additives
  • Technical pigments and food colorants
  • Crosslinking agents

Analysis of the model substances

We characterize the chemical and functional properties of the additives and their interactions with other components of the formulation.

Bioeconomy via efficient utilization of renewable raw materials

The bioeconomy is becoming ever more important for the chemical/technical industries. In order to enhance the sustainability of technical products such as lubricants, paints, lacquers, and adhesives, there is a drive to replace oil-based and synthetic raw materials with renewable raw materials as far as is possible.

High-quality technical products require functional additives such as corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, anti-abrasion additives, adhesion promoters, additives for UV protection, and pigments. These functional additives are generally of synthetic origin. We help the chemical/technical industries introduce biobased additives into their products.

Secondary plant substances as biobased additives

Plants produce secondary plant substances such as phenols, alkaloids, and mustard oil glycosides for protection against environmental influences and harmful organisms. These plant substances have diverse functionalities. They are hence ideal as biobased additives.