Machinability and adaptive tubular bag processes

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Enhanced process stability via optimal machinability

In addition to the manufacture of plastics, the further processing of plastics into packaging films and tubular bag packaging has huge industrial importance. Decisive factors for ensuring the required product quality are in particular the growing demand for lower usage of raw materials, greater flexibility when changing products, increased recyclability, and growing functional requirements on packaging. Very rigid films and highly sensitive films are an enormous challenge here.

Optimum machinability is also decisive in order to avoid quality fluctuations, defective packaging, product damage, and flatness problems.

We develop customized solutions to improve the quality of your products and stability of your processes. In some cases this is achieved by identifying and reducing sources of errors with the film transport and putting in place suitable corrective measures.

Our services for optimum processing of your films

Solutions for film transport testing

Inline measurement and quality assessment of the web transport of your films


Adaptive processes improve machinability

Efficiency increase and quality assurance via intelligent processes for film processing


Analysis of the efficiency of your plants

Increase your plant efficiency and optimize your machinery

Test Center Packaging

New methods for material characterization

Discover the difference between specifications and the real processing properties of films


Research projects

We are your partner for meeting new packaging and processing requirements, carrying out complex R&D projects, introduction of new technologies in the field of digitalization and big data, and suitable networking of competencies.

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Solutions for film transport testing

Fold formation, poor web transport, and the tearing of films are often the cause of errors with printed images, seam faults, and poor product quality. Good film transport on the other hand ensures the efficiency of the process and favorable use of resources. The machinability is determined by the film flatness, stiffness, and friction properties.

Our web transport test rig enables you to test the quality of your films and set process windows. The mobile oWTP scanner can be integrated into your plant to constantly monitor the film tension and flatness.

We can assist you with:

  • Identifying local film stress during processing
  • Analyzing the sources of web transport problems
  • Determination of the web tension profile using the innovative oWTP scanner
  • Recording and evaluating complex relationships with respect to film transport
  • Identification of optimization measures
  • Improving the safety and stability of your process
  • Testing the machinability of films

We can help you improve the quality of your products!

Intelligent bag forming and adaptive processe

The filling of tubular bags is worldwide one of the most common packaging technologies. Although this involves particularly high requirements and complex interactions between the product, the packaging, and the machinery relatively little research is being conducted in this area. Even with the most modern machinery, common everyday challenges include sticking, abrasion, contaminated seams, errors with printed images, and poor web transport.

We can assist you with the optimization of your forming-filling-sealing processes and find a suitable processing window for your films. Utilize the many options for evaluating quality-related factors, from the web transport right through to the formed bag – if necessary using your own forming collars or other machine components.

Digitalization and adaptive processes are becoming ever more important for packaging technologies such as the filling of tubular bags. With our support, complex data sets can be recorded, evaluated, and processed. We can advise you - regardless of whether you use self-regulating systems or operator assistance systems.


With our help you can evaluate and utilize your complex data.

Analysis of the efficiency of your plants

Do you want to optimize your existing plant or commission a new plant? A prerequisite for this is always detailed analysis, to identify shortcomings and opportunities for optimization.

A system developed by us allows precise analysis of your plant. This consists of portable devices, optical counters, and cameras. Faults and their causes can be localized and traced. Throughout the analysis procedure your production plant can continue in full operation. Utilizing our technical knowledge and experience we assess any shortcomings, identify interrelationships, and propose solutions.

Our offer:

  • On-site analysis without interrupting your production
  • Independent advice on warranty matters
  • State-of-the-art analysis methods
  • Assistance with the rapid and efficient commissioning of your plant


With us you can put your plant into operation quickly and efficiently.

New methods for material characterization

Many modern methods and scientifically established processes for material characterization have one thing in common: They do not represent real processes closely enough.

By working with us discover the important difference between friction coefficients under standard conditions and the friction coefficients under the actual processing conditions used for your films. Use our high speed friction measuring device to determine the industrially relevant measurement range and use these data in the film specification to improve film machinability.

The new method for biaxial film stretching allows totally homogeneous stretching without tears or ruptures for the development and improvement of new films for thermoformed products. Stretch your films using a clamping system made of elastic grippers. Optimum machinability is also important here.


We have measuring systems that convince you.

Research projects

We are your partner for processing technology including support to meet new packaging and processing requirements, carrying out complex R&D projects, introduction of new technologies in the field of digitalization and big data, and suitable networking of competencies.

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  • oWTP-Scanner
    From a flatness-optimized film to improved machinability: Design and development of an optical web-tension-profile scanner as a module for the adaptation of web transport elements: Development of the measuring method
  • High speed friction measuring device
    Friction properties of films - Development of a friction measuring device
  • Biaxial tensile testing device (BiZu)
    Development of a test rig for measuring the temperature-dependent stress-strain behavior of polymers
  • SmartExtrusion
    Quality assurance for the manufacture of polymer web materials in extrusion and transfer coating processes
  • Adaptive tubular bag process
    Development of an adaptive self-regulating drive concept for processing flexible materials in forming-filling-sealing plants
  • Competence atlas
    Joint innovation via suitable networking - Creation of a web-based platform to increase the visibility of specific industrial problems as well as networking of competencies and the identification of common research interests and potential solutions

Participate with us in publicly funded or bilaterial R&D projects!