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The Fraunhofer IVV

We are a leading R&D institute in the area of process engineering and packaging. Commissioned by organizations in the private and public sectors, we create added value for our customers.

Strategic themes areas

  • Bioeconomy and the circular economy
  • Health and well-being
  • Security and resilience

Range of services

The dovetailing of our five business fields and the customized products we develop benefit customers from a range of industries – and hence also the end-users.


Out organizational structure enables us to adapt rapidly to current challenges and the individual needs of our customers.

Networks and Collaborations

The Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging is a member of the following associations and alliances of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.



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Fraunhofer IVV

Visit virtually our technical center for packaging development in Freising and for machine processing in Dresden.

Working together for the future

Our work encompasses five business fields: Food, Packaging, Product Performance, Processing Machinery, and Recycling and Environment. We not only tackle current challenges but also put attention on topics of the future such as the bioeconomy, circular economy, and digitalization.

For example, we develop high-quality foods and packaging materials from renewable raw materials and waste materials. These products meet the highest sensory requirements. New technical applications and intelligent digital solutions ensure trouble-free machine processing and minimize the environmental impact. With regard to the efficient use of resources, we also develop innovative recycling processes and convert recyclates back into high-quality materials.

As an institute of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft we are part of the largest applied research organization in Europe. We employ some 300 people at the Fraunhofer IVV locations in Freising und Dresden.

Our expertise is also sought after outside the food and packaging industries. We endeavor to find customized solutions for a whole range of challenges and to take these through to commercialization. All of our customers greatly value our expertise.

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Healthy, safe, sustainable, and tasty: High requirements are put on foods and food ingredients. Our development work puts attention on all these aspects. In addition, we provide an extensive range of services along the entire production chain in order to ensure high product safety and quality and to optimize the sensory properties of food products.

Business field: Food

Hexagonal icon with grain ferrule represents the Food business field
Hexagonal icon with milk carton represents the Packaging business field


We always consider packaging in relation to the product. Only when there is perfect harmony between the two does the packaging fulfill its purpose. In our laboratories we develop customized packaging systems and carry out a variety of quality assurance services. As a specialist in barrier films, we also develop technical films having very high barrier properties.

Business field: Packaging

Product performance

Odor, taste, color, texture, haptic properties - in short the perception of a product directly influences the decision of consumers to buy that product. Comprehensive analysis and subsequent optimization of the sensory properties of products is the objective of the Product Performance business field.

Business field: Product performance

Icon symbolizing the business field product performance at Fraunhofer IVV
Hexagonal icon with intermeshing gears represents the Processing Machinery business field

Processing machinery

Product safety and production efficiency are the most important aspects of the Processing Machinery business field. We perform efficiency analyses, microbiological validations, and optimize machine processes. For flexible materials we develop intelligent solutions for thermal joining and forming. We can also assist the development of cleaning systems and hygienic process design. Self-learning assistance systems and the digitization of processing and cleaning technologies are our answers to Industry 4.0.

Business field: Processing machinery

Recycling and Environment

The circular economy and bioeconomy are the focus of the Recycling and Environment business field. We have already developed some innovative solutions: Our patented CreaSolv® process, for example, recycles packaging waste into plastics of virgin quality. In addition, we replace fossil raw materials with renewable plant-based materials of equivalent functionality and are your expert partner for matters relating to the optimization of recycling plants and processes, the sensory properties of recyclates, and environmental analytics.

Business field: Recycling and Environment

Hexagonal icon with recycling symbol represents the business field Recycling and Environment

Safeguarding good scientific practice

The ombudspersons of the Fraunhofer IVV ensure the fairness of all our scientific work. Our scientists are trusted to establish true scientific facts. Scientific misconduct such as data manipulation and the infringement of intellectual property rights not only abuse trust but also damage science.