Development of foods through to sample production

Food pilot plant

Scientists work on the extruder in the food pilot plant

Take advantage of our food pilot plant

We help you develop high-quality food products. All process steps from the development stage right through to pilot production can be carried out in our food pilot plant facilities. We analyze the composition, functional properties, and sensory properties of raw materials and advise you about raw material selection. Working with you we help you develop new product concepts and optimize the relevant production processes. The advice we give you draws on the results of many of our own R&D projects. Our work focuses on the replacement of animal-based food ingredients by plant-based ingredient, fat/sugar/salt reduction in foods, and enrichment of foods with functional ingredients such as omega fatty acids and plant proteins. If desired we can assist you right through to the market introduction of your products. For all food products we also offer customized development of packaging systems.

In all our work we put utmost priority on product quality, product safety, and efficient use of resources.

Let us help you develop and optimize your food products!

Our offer


  • Development and optimization of food products

  • Development of novel foods

  • Application of novel food ingredients

  • Reformulation of foods

  • Sample production from prototype scale to small pilot plant scale, in accordance with industrial standards

  • Development and optimization of food manufacturing processes, including advice on all aspects of food technology

We support you in all process steps




Product development


Sample production

Process development

Your benefits


  • Full support from a single organization:
    Product development, process development, packaging development, analytics, and sensory evaluation

  • Fully equipped kitchen for processing and preparing test foods

  • Advice based on the latest R&D findings

  • Lower usage of raw materials because products are developed on a lab scale and small pilot plant scale

  • Customized adaptation of machinery and processing equipment in our own workshop


Food pilot plant – from prototype scale to sample production

Development of plant-based alternatives to dairy products

Frischkäsealternative auf Basis von Pflanzenprotein
Plant-based alternatives to soft cheese for spreading on bread
  • Development of plant-based alternatives to dairy products using, for example, sunflowers, peas, lupines, lentils, soy beans, cashew nuts, and almonds
  • Development of fermented, plant-based products such as yogurt, soft cheese and hard cheese using selected raw materials, processes, and microorganisms
  • Evaluation of key product properties such as texture, sensory properties, storage stability

360° Tour - Dairy pilot plant

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UHT-Anlage zum Sterilisieren von Lebensmittel
UHT unit for the ultra high temperature treatment of foods
  • Pilot plant equipment: Dairy products
    • Sterile workbench
    • Pneumatic cheese press
    • Various climate chambers and incubating chambers
    • High pressure homogenizer
    • Laboratory processing system
    • UHT unit
    • Sartorius Biostat B plus fermenter

Further information:

Development of vegan ice cream

Eislöffel mit 2 Sorten veganem Speiseeis
Vegan ice cream based on plant protein
  • Development of new ice cream recipes based on plant raw materials such as lupines, soy beans, sunflowers
  • Optimization of the taste and texture of ice cream
  • Recipe optimization based on analytical evaluation (e.g. melting behavior, overrun)
Eismischanlage zur Herstellung von Speiseeis
Ice cream machine for sample production
  • Pilot plant equipment: Ice cream products
    • Sprocket dispersing machine
    • High pressure homogenizer
    • Freezer
    • UHT unit
    • Soft ice machine
    • Laboratory processing system

Further information:

Development of meat and sausage products

Fitness sausage with reduced fat content
Low fat sausage products with less than 3% fat developed at the Fraunhofer IVV
  • Development of new product concepts and production processes
  • Reformulation of meat and sausage products to improve product quality, including enrichment with mega fatty acids and reduction of the salt content
  • Development of vegan alternatives to meat and sausage products
  • Application tests with different ingredients following customer requests
Industrieanlagen zur Wurstherstellung
Pilot plant facilities for processing meat: Vacuum filler and vacuum bowl cutter
  • Pilot plant equipment: Meat and sausage products
    • Mincing machine (industrial scale)
    • Mincing machine (laboratory scale)
    • Cutter
    • Vacuum bowl cutter
    • Vacuum filler
    • Cooking vessels
    • Climate chamber / curing chamber
    • Curing oven

Further information:

Development of baked products and pasta

Proteinreiche Lupinenstangerl
Baguette enriched with high-quality lupine protein
  • Development and optimization of products and manufacturing processes
  • Assistance with the reformulation of baked products and pasta by adaptation of recipes, including gluten-free products and enrichment with omega fatty acids
  • Analysis of raw materials and advice on raw material selection
Pilotproduktion Backwaren im Lebensmitteltechnikum
Sample production of baked products in the food pilot plant
  • Pilot plant equipment: Baked products and pasta
    • Dough kneader
    • Proving unit
    • Dough shaper
    • Long/round molder
    • Deck oven
    • MIWE roll-in rack oven


Development of chocolate products

Schokolierte Kekse
Chocolate coatings for cookies
  • Assistance with the development of innovative product formulations, including reduction of the fat content of praline fillings by replacement of fat with plant proteins
  • Advice on optimal raw material selection for chocolate products
  • Identification of factors that affect product quality, for example bloom and off-odors/off-flavors

360° Tour - Chocolate pilot plant

Hold down the mouse button and use the mouse pointer to move 360° virtually through our chocolate pilot plant!

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Development of fruit and vegetable products

Passiermaschine zur Obstverarbeitung
Frequency controlled straining machine with various sieves
  • Assistance with the implementation of innovative product concepts
  • Development and optimization of processing and manufacturing methods
  • Recovery and utilization of valuable ingredients from waste streams from the processing of fruit and vegetables
Laborprozessanlage im Lebensmitteltechnikum
Laboratory processing system (18 l) for heating, homogenizing, milling, aerating, and cooling food products
  • Pilot plant equipment: Fruit and vegetable products
    • Laboratory processing system
    • Straining machine
    • Toothed colloid mill (laboratory scale)
    • Corundum stone mill
    • Hallde RG-250 fruit and vegetable processing machine
    • Fruit slicer

Extruded foods such as meat surrogates and snack products

Fleischalternative aus texturiertem Pflanzenprotein
Textured plant protein having a defined fiber structure as an alternative to meat
  • Manufacture of extruded foods including breakfast cereals, snack products, meat substitutes
  • Extrusion testing of new raw materials
  • Process optimization for customized product properties such as fiber structure, porosity

Experimental kitchen

Versuchsküche zur Testung der Lebensmittelverarbeitung
Kitchen for the quality assurance of food manufacturing processes


The extensive kitchen facilities enable you to professionally test all product developments on site.

Kombidämpfer zur professionellen Erhitzung von Lebensmitteln
Combi-steamer for the controlled heating of foods
  • Kitchen equipment
    • 2 baking ovens
    • 2 hobs
    • Induction hob
    • Steamer
    • Combi-steamer
    • Salamander grill
    • Various units for product refrigeration and freezing
    • Various microwave ovens
    • Planetary mixer