Plant-based meat substitutes



  • Large demand for vegan and vegetarian food products

  • Demand for plant-based meat substitutes with a fibrous texture

  • Simple processing




  • Meat-like texture due to the use of special extrusion technology

  • High protein content without chemical additives

  • Raw materials: peas, lupines, wheat, beans



  • Foundation of a new company:
    Amidori Food Company GmbH & Co.KG

  • Range of products: z. B. schnitzel, nuggets

  • Product introduction: Scandinavia 2016, Germany 2017

Why are we developing plant-based meat surrogates?

Over recently years growing awareness of health and environmental matters has led to a considerable increase in the demand for vegetarian alternatives to meat in Europe. In Asia foods such as tofu, tempeh, and saitan have provided people with protein for centuries. In addition to these traditional Asian products, foods containing textured proteins that much better mimic the typical meat structure have also appeared in the European marketplace. These products are mostly manufactured via the cooking extrusion of deoiled soy flour, soy protein concentrates, or wheat gluten. This process gives the proteins an oriented, fibrous structure.

To increase consumer acceptance of these plant-based meat surrogates we are researching how to optimize their sensory quality, namely their taste, juiciness, and firmness of bite. Simultaneously we are striving to maximize the nutritional value of the products.

What factors influence the taste and texture of plant-based meat surrogates?

Besides soy and gluten, other protein sources are now used for manufacturing vegetarian alternatives to meat. In particular, the combination of different plant-based materials improves the structure, better imitating the fibrous and juicy texture of lean meat. It is important here to understand the behavior of the various protein fractions during the manufacturing process and interactions between the recipe components. This enables recipes to be optimized and customized for respective consumer preferences and demands.

Commercialization of our tasty meat surrogate products

Our research passes to our spin-off company, Amidori Food Company GmbH & Co.KG, and leads to the production of market-ready meat surrogate products. Products have already been successfully introduced in Germany and Scandinavia with the brand name M¡dori®.