Evaluation and optimization of easy opening packaging concepts

Easy opening packaging enhances product acceptance by consumers. We can optimize the opening properties of your product packaging, whilst ensuring effective transport of the packaging, to enable comfortable and easy removal of the product. Our expertise in packaging processes, including upstream and downstream processing steps, means we are your ideal partner for developing effective, easy to open packaging for your products.

We have specialized in easy opening packaging since 2005. We understand what requirements optimum packaging must fulfill. The opening properties of packaging play an important role for consumer acceptance of a product. Consumer-friendliness and an ever older population are key points to consider here. It is not only elderly people who desire packaging that is easy to open and comfortable and hygienic removal of the product.

Our long experience in this field has allowed us to get the balance right between creating easy to open packaging and yet ensuring the packaged is effectively sealed. We can assist you with the realization of easy opening concepts, including packaging design, packaging manufacture, and quality assurance.


Our services in the field of easy opening packaging

Opening forces on packaging

Measurement of the opening forces for a wide range of different packaging

Evaluation of opening behavior

Development of realistic, customer-specific test methods

Determination of the forces that consumers can apply

Development and construction of devices for measuring the forces that consumers can apply

Determination of the forces that different groups of consumers can apply and the setting of guide values

Packaging concepts

Consumer tests and interviews to evaluate the ease of handling and opening of packaging

Comparative evaluation of packaging concepts

Development of easy opening packaging

Effective transport

Analysis of the forces on easy to open packaging

Derivation of design specifications for the sizing of packaging

Reduction of expensive tests using FEM simulation methods

Packaging processes & quality assurance

Analysis of customer-specific factors

Estimation of feasibility

Quality assurance measures