Multisensory investigation of encapsulated systems & products

Emulsion based encapsulation: molecules
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Using innovative encapsulation technologies for increased product shelf life and quality

Encapsulating ingredients in cosmetics increases the efficiency, stability and shelf life of emulsion-based products like these and many others. In addition, the encapsulation process enables manufacturers to control the release of active ingredients in a targeted manner, enhancing their efficiency and availability.

At the Fraunhofer IVV, we are working to better understand the multisensory product perception of such systems and to exploit their advantages to realize product- and customer-specific wishes. For example, by multisensory quantification of the released molecules, we can help to specifically stabilize volatile or sensitive substances in the product matrix, thereby increasing their shelf life and effectiveness. Here, we specialize in optimizing the performance of personal & home care products, while researchers at Fraunhofer IMM provide process engineering aspects for the production and upscaling of encapsulated substances and the resulting products.

With the help of our services in the field of multisensory perception of emulsion-based systems & products with encapsulation technologies, we increase the value and quality of your products.

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Our services in the field of product performance of encapsulated active ingredients

Product development

We support you in the development of emulsion-based products with improved sensory properties:


  • Multisensory analysis of new emulsion-based systems and products
  • Investigation of the quality preservation of encapsulated sensitive ingredients (flavors, fragrances, vitamins, etc.)
  • Analysis of the stability of natural-based substances against decomposition by light, temperature, pH and oxidation

emulsion-based products

We support you in optimizing the sensory properties of your emulsion-based products:
  • Optimization of formula stability
  • Improvements in handling and texture
  • Masking of odors, flavors, colors
  • Shelf life extension

Targeted release of
active ingredients

We can help you to increase the value and quality of your product:



Together we develop emulsion-based products that are highly efficient and stable.

Investigation of encapsulated systems & products in the personal & home care sector

Extracts, fragrances, oils, minerals

Emulsion-based encapsulation: personal care cosmetic products
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Due to their composition, natural ingredients are very sensitive to external influences - such as oxygen - and are usually less stable and durable as a result. Companies that use natural ingredients and plant oils in cosmetic products are therefore presented with the challenge of exploiting the positive effects of the active ingredients in the best possible way while keeping the negative effects to a minimum.

The oxidation process, in particular, can severely impair the quality of cosmetic products, causing natural ingredients to change under the influence of oxygen and form undesirable flavors and odors.

We use multisensory methods to examine your products, identifying both the benefits of the ingredients they contain and the risks that exist due to oxidation. By continuously encapsulating the liquid active ingredients (such as extracts, oils and fragrances) as well as the solid ingredients (such as minerals, iron oxide and titanium dioxide) we can create a perfect outcome for your products.

Our encapsulation services for personal care and natural products:

By continuous encapsulation of the liquid active ingredients (e.g. extracts, oils, fragrances) as well as the solid ingredients (e.g. minerals, iron oxide, titanium dioxide) we ensure the optimal result of your product in cooperation with Fraunhofer IMM.


Latest research projects in the field of product performance


Project »ProColor«

Development of a plant-based new color transfer inhibitor for use in powder color detergents.

Project »Damaged Beans«

Using damaged cocoa pods to manufacture cosmetic products.

Cooperation project

In cooperation with Fraunhofer IMM, we optimize the production and release of susbstances from encapsulated systems. You can find out more about the services of Fraunhofer IMM here.