Optimization of plastic recycling plants

Optimize your recycling plants with us


Plant optimization

We provide objective advice and technical/economical evaluations of recycling processes.

  • Optimize your processing costs
  • Increase your recycling rates
  • Improve your recyclate quality

Our offer

  • We can provide you with advice and assistance with the construction of plastic recycling plants that use our patented CreaSolv® Process.

  • We customize recycling processes to the relevant waste streams and thereby increase the efficiency of recycling plants.

  • We test the recycled plastics for their purity and quality. To enhance the product quality we tailor and optimize the individual steps of the recycling process.

  • Using our extensive knowledge of the plastics industry we can identify suitable applications for your recyclates.

Industrialization of the CreaSolv® Recycling process

Following the coming into force of the new German Packaging Act, rapid and effective solutions are required for packaging recycling and the manufacture of high-quality recycled products. As a consequence, industrial-scale CreaSolv® Recycling plants are currently under construction at various locations.

The first industrial plant was started up by Unilever in 2018 and can recycle up to three tonnes of packaging waste daily. High-quality recyclates are manufactured here from multilayer packaging. Following the principle of Circular Packaging, these recyclates flow back into the packaging production cycle.

Recycling pilot plant

We develop and optimize recycling processes in our small recycling pilot plant. We perform trial production runs and determine the product quality with laboratory analyses.