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A vegan burger with Fraunhofer IVV paper flag, French fries, in front three glass bowls with the used vegan ingredients

meat substitutes#

Juicy – Tasty – Biteproof

Plant proteins form the basis. Via the specific extrusion technology, the texture can be specifically controlled from »fibrous, juicy« like cutlets to »grainy, fluffy« like minced meat.

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Fraunhofer scientists research to encrease food safety

Food safety and product safety#

We research for the highest level of food safety and product safety for people and the environment.

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Lacquering and laminating plant for films
A film is lacquered in the lacquering and laminating plant.

Sustainable packaging#

We develop packaging with focus on recyclability and the use of biopolymers.

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Mobiles Reinigungsgerät für Verarbeitungsanlagen in der Frontalansicht
Reinigungsroboter des Fraunhofer IVV mit Verschutzungssensor und selbstlernender Prozesssteuerung

Hygienic production#

Product and food safety are decisive criteria for consumer protection. We support you in all aspects of cleaning, hygienic design and sterilization of your existing plants and production rooms.

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Übersichtsgrafik innovative HMI-Gestaltung

Processing Machinery#

We develop efficient processing and cleaning technologies. Using modern data analysis methods, we identify critical points and potentials in established processes and create innovative concepts for Industry 4.0

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Metal drill is cooled with bio-based lubricant


We use both enzymatic processes and synergistic effects of raw material components to optimize the properties of biolubricants.

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We work together with you to develop high-quality food products and safe, effective, and convenient packaging. With utmost respect for nature and people, we put priority on the efficient use of raw materials and the minimization of any environmental impact.

In addition to the food and packaging industries, other sectors such as packaging and processing machinery construction, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, and the agricultural industry benefit from our expertise and the technologies we develop.

The continuous support we provide ensures your technological advantage and your economic success.

Our Services#


We develop healthy, high-quality foods, including gluten-free, low salt, and vegan products, and also provide assistance with the quality assurance of food products.


We develop multilayer films and packaging systems and offer a wide range of services relating to quality assurance, including migration testing.

Processing Machinery

We analyze and optimize packaging machinery and cleaning processes used in the food and pharmaceutical industries and also for packaging material production.

Product Performance

We help you develop products which optimally meet the sensory needs of consumers. Your products benefit from enhanced consumer acceptance.

Recycling and Environment

We offer you with a solvent-based recycling process for recovering pure polymers. We also carry out environmental analyses and help you replace fossil raw materials with plant-based materials.

News from the Fraunhofer IVV#

Event / 17.6.2021

Project workshop Industrial Component Cleaning

This forum will provide workshop participants from research and industry with an opportunity to discuss their experience of the implementation of intelligent digitalization solutions for component cleaning, the development of adaptive cleaning processes and the use of flexible, robot-assisted cleaning systems.

Newsletter / 18.5.2021

Active packaging prolongs shelf life of fruit and vegetables

In the FreshInPac project, our researchers are developing active packaging for fresh and perishable foods such as fruit and vegetables to avoid spoilage caused by mold and ethylen.

News / 18.5.2021

Recyclates in cosmetics packaging

In cooperation with partners from industry, the Fraunhofer IVV has developed a guideline for the use of polyolefin recyclates in cosmetics packaging.

Press release / 7.5.2021

Fraunhofer lighthouse project »Waste4Future«

A sustainable society with climate-neutral processes requires significant adjustments in the value chains, which are only possible through innovations. Seven Fraunhofer Institutes are pooling their expertise in the lighthouse project "Waste4Future" to develop new solutions for this goal.

Fraunhofer IVV at a glance#

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