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Food, Packaging, Processing Machinery, Product Performance as well as Recycling and Environment


From the ingredient to the finished product, we develop high quality and safe food products from alternative and sustainable protein sources for healthy consumption and support you in all food safety issues.



We develop recyclable packaging made of biopolymers as well as sustainable packaging concepts and offer a wide range of quality assurance services including conformity testing of food packaging.

Processing Machinery

We analyze and optimize packaging machinery and cleaning processes used in the food and pharmaceutical industries and also for packaging material production.

Product Perfomance

We support you in the development and optimization of products with sensory properties that address consumer needs in an optimal way. Thus, your products will benefit from a higher consumer acceptance.

Recycling and Environment

We offer you innovative recycling processes to recover pure polymers. In addition, we support you in developing bio-based technical products to replace fossil raw materials with plant-based ones. Furthermore we carry out environmental analytical studies for you.

The Fraunhofer IVV guiding principles


As Fraunhofer IVV, we are leaders in applied research for the secure supply of high-quality foodstuffs and for sustainable packaging systems. Because of our respect for nature, we strive for climate neutrality and shape the technologies of tomorrow. Together with our partners, we develop bio-based and recyclable products as well as resource-saving processes — for long-term quality of life and a healthy future.


We are a driving force in the transformation towards a resilient and sustainable food and packaging industry. In this process, we combine scientific data with business requirements and social responsibility. Our developments are oriented towards the needs of people and the protection of the environment. We transfer our multidisciplinary expertise to diverse applications in various industries.


We treat each other with respect and fairness. Our decision-making processes are open and transparent.

We see change as an opportunity and continue to develop through open-mindedness, self-reflection and feedback. We develop the potential of our employees, create space for worker participation and promote team spirit in order to find creative solutions together.

We are a dependable partner for companies and research institutions. We focus on good scientific practice, the highest result quality and customer satisfaction.

News from the Fraunhofer IVV


News / 31.1.2023

Testing method for using post-consumer recycled materials safely

In January, we launched the SafeCycle project as a means of making it possible to use post-consumer recycled materials successfully in food applications. Within the scope of the project, we are developing a testing strategy for identifying unknown semi-volatile substances that are suspected of having a genotoxic effect in cell cultures. 


News / 31.1.2023

Process development and material characterization for sustainable thermoformed packaging solutions

We can help you develop circular packaging concepts and resource-efficient manufacturing processes, while at the same time maintaining quality and ensuring product safety throughout.


News / 31.1.2023

Cocoa-based ingredients for cosmetic items - using pods with visual defects

In a CORNET project with UNICAMP (Universidade Estadual de Campinas) in Brazil, that aims to investigate the extent to which it is possible to use cocoa butter from pods with visual defects in cosmetic products. The majority of pods like this are currently discarded.


News / 30.11.2022

Effect of olfactory active ingredients in cosmetics

Recently, we published exciting results from measurements of psychophysiological effects of scented ingredients. In one study, we measured the significant reduction of stress during the application of cosmetic products.

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Strategic themes areas

  • Bioeconomy and the circular economy
  • Health and well-being
  • Security and resilience

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