Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV

11-15 September 2017 Mobile cleaning robot at drinktec

Flexibly used for equipments in the beverage industry, the mobile cleaning robot saves time and costs.

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New recycling process for highly complex plastic-metal composites

Plastic-metal composites can be cleanly seperated and newly used through our recycling process. The thermal processing is a thing of past.

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3-6 October 2017 2nd-Innovations in Food Packaging, Shelf Life and Food Safety Conference

for delegates from industry and academia to present and discuss new concepts and technologies

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13th November 2017, 10th Anniversary Symposium

of the Fraunhofer Alliance Food Chain Management FOOD SYSTEMS – FIT FOR THE FUTURE?

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Minimal material usage for thermoforming

Our innovations improve your plastic molded component. We strive for functionality with minimal material usage at the same time.

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We work together with you to develop high-quality food products and safe, effective, and convenient packaging. With utmost respect for nature and people, we put priority on the efficient use of raw materials and the minimization of any environmental impact.

In addition to the food and packaging industries, other sectors such as packaging and processing machinery construction, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, and the agricultural industry benefit from our expertise and the technologies we develop.

The continuous support we provide ensures your technological advantage and your economic success.

Our Services



We develop healthy, high-quality foods, including gluten-free, low salt, and vegan products, and also provide assistance with the quality assurance of food products.


We develop multilayer films and packaging systems and offer a wide range of services relating to quality assurance, including migration testing.

Processing Machinery

We analyze and optimize packaging machinery and cleaning processes used in the food and pharmaceutical industries and also for packaging material production.

Product Performance

We help you develop products which optimally meet the sensory needs of consumers. Your products benefit from enhanced consumer acceptance.

Recycling and Environment

We offer a solvent-based recycling process for recovering pure, high-quality polymers from plastic-containing waste streams. We also carry out environmental analyses.

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