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Our services in the field of product performance

Get an overview of our services in our business field of product perfomance. Our expertise extends across all products and materials.


Sensory optimization of staple and luxury foods


Odor evaluation of raw materials and consumer goods


Analysis of multisensory perception processes


Developing application-specific sensor systems


Use of data- and model-based algorithms


Developing and optimizing products for Personal & Home Care

Our research at a glance in the business field of product performance

The focus of our activities in the business field of product performance is the consumer, their sensory perceptions and the physiological and psychological processes triggered in them. We analyze and optimize the sensory stimuli of the products with which consumers interact: smell, taste, optics, texture, haptics and acoustics.

With our experienced researchers and our many years of expertise, we have the know-how to successfully drive the development of new products and the optimization of already existing ones. We now complement our scientific and application-oriented competencies in the field of analytic sensory with new technological methods and intelligent systems. By using sensors, data- and model-based algorithms and artificial intelligence, we now offer our customers faster and more efficient solutions for the evaluation and validation of sensory data. In addition to the multisensory exploration of various stimuli and the understanding of these in terms of reception and processing by humans, the translation of perceptual impressions into machine systems and the development of complex, intelligent sensor systems are now also the focus of our research. Thus, in the business field of product performance, we bundle our competencies from the fields of human sensory, chemical analytics, perception research, data science and measurement technology.

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