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Product Performance#

We use analytical and human-sensory methods to characterize and optimize the properties of products such as their odor, taste, texture, and haptic properties, as well as their optical and acoustic characteristics. We also undertake combinatorial analysis of sensory effects in your products in order to evaluate product perception in its totality. In particular we identify off-flavors and off-odors and in collaboration with you we develop prevention strategies.

Product Performance – Research and development

Sensory analysis of foods

Sensory optimization of raw materials and products

Multisensory perception processes and consumer behavior

Emissions analytics and diagnostics

Our research in the field of Sensory Analytics

Our interdisciplinary research field involves food chemistry, food technology, physiology, and human sensory analytics and studies the various sensory perceptions that are experienced when eating foods and the resulting physiological and psychological processes that are triggered in humans.

Focus is also put on the interaction of people with everyday products such as cosmetics and textiles. Odor, taste, color, texture, and the interplay between the different senses are characterized individually and also in multisensory studies. A particular emphasis of our research is the development, optimization, and analysis of odors and tastes, including evaluation of their perception and effects in people.

We also evaluate exposure to physiologically harmful volatile substances.

Our analytical devices for optimal test results

Reference projects

  • Identification of indicators of spoiling
  • Irritants in children's products
  • Characterization of odor masking
  • Predicting tactile perception


Melanie Bergmann

Business Development Manager
Product Performance

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