Chocolate and praline production

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Quality assessment and process analysis

Chocolate manufacture involves a number of technologically demanding processes. We can help you manufacture high-quality products and optimize your quality assurance measures. In our small pilot plant for chocolate production we can manufacture product samples to assist you with trials on new formulations and innovative processes as well as the monitoring and optimization of traditional processes. Quality loss can be prevented by having effective raw material monitoring, effective production processes, and suitable packaging. We have an international reputation and our team has many years of experience in raw material selection, product manufacture. machinery, and packaging.

Best chocolate with our services

  • Identification of the causes of quality loss (such as bloom, off-flavors, and rancidity)

  • Comparison of different manufacturing methods using our unique small-scale praline production line
  • Advice about raw material selection for chocolates and fillings

  • Assistance with the implementation of innovative ideas, such as the integration of protein mass as a fat substutute in praline fillings

  • Development of methods for process monitoring

360° Tour - Chocolate pilot plant

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Chocolate technology – Research

We have already been researching cocoa and chocolate for 65 years. Our particular focus is conching, the quality assurance of pralines, and evaluation of chocolate stability to bloom. We are able to evaluate the whole production process, from the processing of the cocoa beans to the filled pralines, in our dedicated small pilot plant facilities for chocolate technology. Our unique praline production line (small pilot plant scale) enables us to simulate a variety of processes. The laboratory and small pilot plant facilities at Fraunhofer IVV allow us to characterize and analyze in-house both the chocolate products and the production processes. We develop effective measurement methods for rapid evaluation of product quality.

Research projects