Sealing and welding processes

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Sealing and welding of products and packaging

We develop technologies to improve the sealing and welding of products and packaging with favorable use of resources. This concerns food products, cosmetics, medical products, pharmaceuticals, and technical goods.

Our focus is on thermal joining using direct contact heat sealing, ultrasonic sealing, and laser methods. We develop practical methods for evaluating quality parameters for sealed and welded seams. We also develop strategies for the inline monitoring of quality parameters for sealing and welding processes. Using adaptive systems we develop solutions to meet the requirements of digitalization and the challenges of Industry 4.0.

We assist customers with the selection of suitable materials, processes, and process parameters. We help you implement technologies in industrial plants to meet specific requirements and acquire knowledge to increase process and product safety.

Our expertise for secure sealing and welding seams


Intelligent sealing processes

Development of methods and technologies for inline process monitoring and adaptive sealing


Quality of sealed and welded seams

Development of methods for analyzing and evaluating sealed and welded seams

Easy opening packaging

Evaluation and optimization of easy-to-open packaging concepts


Definition of packaging requirements

Analysis and definition of requirements on sealed and welded seams on packaging


Efficient sealing technologies


Development of efficient technologies and optimization of processes



Test Center Packaging

Intelligent sealing processes

The complexity of modern sealing processes is increasing due to high machine speeds, complex packaging shapes, thinner films, and stricter requirements for recycling. Simultaneously the susceptibility to faults is increasing. Complex and costly retesting is the consequence. In the worst case, poor quality packaging leads to production downtime and loss of image for companies.

We develop solutions for the real-time evaluation and utilization of this information for self-regulating, adaptive welding processes. The digitalization of sealing and welding processes is a contribution to Industry 4.0.

We develop solutions for Industry 4.0.

Quality of sealed and welded seams

Various requirements must be met when sealing and welding products and packaging. Quality parameters such as strength, tightness, and seam appearance play a primary role. The test methods typically used by industry are often non-standardized and do not always reflect the actual loads on the seams. The new Packaging Act is forcing companies to make modifications or develop different packaging and to test new materials and packaging systems for their suitability for sealing.

We can, for example, assist you with:

  • poorly sealed packaging and inadequate seam quality
  • peelable and firmly sealed seams
  • difficulties with sealing processes

Let us help you improve the quality of your packaging.

Definition of packaging requirements

How large should the packaging be and what seam strength is required? When packaging new products this is often unknown. The result is oversized packaging, involving excessive usage of materials and unnecessary costs. A further problem that we can help you solve: How do you design packaging that is easy to open and at the same time tightly sealed? There are solutions for the discrepancy between customer requirements and the proposals of manufacturers.

We can, for example, assist you with:

  • easy-to-open yet firmly sealed packaging
  • determination of the required seam strength
  • identification of the causes of transport damage to packaging

We identify suitable requirements for your packaging.

Efficient sealing technologies

Various technologies are available for creating sealed and welded seams. These have their advantages and disadvantages. These technologies must be modified or newly developed when there are product innovations, new materials, changes in legislation, or when there is a need to reduce costs. In addition, the desire for customized packaging is on the increase.

We can, for example, assist you with:

  • direct contact heat sealing
  • ultrasonic sealing, and laser sealing for mono films and laminates
  • sealing technologies

Development of innovative thin-film-based sensor solutions

Illustration of a sealing bar and the film to be welded.

Thin-film-based sensor technologies enable near-real-time inline measurement and control of various process parameters during thermal joining and offer pioneering solutions for quality and efficiency-enhancing production, especially for ultra-thin films and mono-composites as well as natural fiber-based and recycled films.



We primarily develop sensor solutions for:


We identify the optimal sealing technology for your requirements and needs.