Recycling of packaging waste

We use our expertise in process engineering, chemical engineering, and recycling to develop processes for recycling plastic packaging materials and in particular packaging films. In general these films require a complex multilayer structure involving different polymers in order to meet today's technical and optical demands. Recycling into high-quality individual polymers is not possible using currently available separation technologies. To address this situation, we are using our patented CreaSolv® Process to develop customized solutions for both post-consumer waste and post-industrial waste. This process dissolves the target polymers as mono-materials from the composite film and processes these into high-quality regranulates for use in new packaging materials.

In parallel we are developing recyclable packaging solutions and verifying these using commonly used separation technologies.

We are also researching and optimizing the circular economy and/or cascade systems for biopolymers such as PLA that are currently penetrating the packaging market as alternatives to crude oil based polymers.