Recycling of plastic composites

Plastic composites are recyclable

Recycling of plastic composites for a Circular Economy

Our research work is geared to the high-quality and maximal recycling of plastic composites. These materials are widely used not only for packaging but also, for example, in the automotive industry. We process plastic-plastic composites and also composites of plastics with other materials (metals, other polymers, ceramics). The manufacture of these mixed material products already produces complex waste materials that cannot be processed using known mechanical plastic recycling processes into high-quality polymer recyclates. These products (e.g. metal-coated plastics, carbon fiber containing plastics, complex joined products such as car lights, display devices, smartphones) hence do not meet the vision of a circular economy.

We adapt the recycling process specifically to the plastic composites

With the goal of developing high-quality secondary plastics, our research is focusing on customized processing chains involving dry and wet mechanical, optical, and solvent-based separation technologies (CreaSolv® Process).