Digitalized gears
Analysis and optimization of machining processes and development of cleaning systems

Processing Machinery

We analyze and optimize your processing machinery. For flexible materials we develop solutions for efficient thermal joining and intelligent forming. We assist you with the development of cleaning systems, the hygienic design of processes, and the microbiological validation of your processing machinery.

Processing Machinery – Research and development


Digitalization solutions for Industry 4.0


Self-learning assistance systems for machine operators


Forming processes


Industrial component cleaning


Hygienic production and cleaning


Machinability and adaptive tubular bag processes


Efficiency analysis for processing machinery / OEE


Sealing and welding processes


Our pilot plant for process analysis and cleaning technologies

Reference projects

  • Mobile device for cleaning processing machinery - MCD
  • Sealed seam analysis 4.0 - Pack Peel Scan
  • Intelligent, self-learning assistance system – Smart Workbench
  • Advance calculation of the force required to open peelable packaging – EasyReliablePeel


Andrea Liebmann

Business Development Manager
Fraunhofer IVV, Dresden

Phone +49 351 43614-40