Extraction plant for the recovery of secondary plant substances (SPS) under ATEX conditions

Explosion-proof extraction of SPS on a pilot scale

Use our explosion-proof extraction system for your developments


The Fraunhofer IVV possesses a complete processing line for the treatment of plant-based raw materials with organic solvents. Extractions can be performed on a scale of up to 250 liters using the percolation and immersion methods. All subsequent processing steps such as filtration, distillation and evaporation can also be carried out in our pilot plant under explosion-proof conditions (ATEX).

This plant enables the isolation of secondary plant compounds such as aromatic substances, pigments, polyphenols or lipids from a wide range of plant-based raw materials using solid/liquid and liquid/liquid extraction.

We record relevant process parameters in a data log at each process stage. The developed methods can be economically evaluated by balancing the processes and product yields. In addition, the analysis of the extracts obtained and the performance of application tests can be carried out in our laboratories.

Features of the explosion-proof line

The two stirred extraction reactors are double-walled vessels for solids and liquids and are connected to a vacuum system with condensers. They are designed for temperatures from 0 to 150°C and pressures from -1 to +2 bar.

Special components allow the liquid reactor to be used as a vacuum unibody forced circulation evaporator with a 2.7 m² evaporation surface and the solid reactor as a vacuum contact dryer with a 1.5 m² contact surface.

A dynamic cross-flow filtration plant with a filter surface area of 0.81 m² and rotating ceramic filters can be used for micro-filtration to separate the fibers and for ultra-filtration to concentrate the dissolved substances.