drinktec trade fair / 11.9.2017

Industrial Cleaning 4.0 – Innovative Solutions for the Beverage Industry

The Fraunhofer IVV Dresden is presenting a mobile cleaning robot at drinktec fair, which saves time and costs. It can furthermore be applied flexibly in different equipments. By using a novel jet cleaner, tanks will be cleaned more easily and thorough. Integrated simulation tools replace time-consuming cleaning tests.


Current Research

Recycling of Plastic-Metal Composite Materials

Automobile headlights are assembled from 300 to 500 components and highly complex and therefore pose a big challenge to the recycling industry. The newly developed process enables the recovery of pure forms of plastics and metal with the help of cutting and automated optical sorting systems.


Scientific Conference / 3.10.2017

2nd Innovations in Food Packaging, Shelf Life and Food Safety Conference

This second edition of the conference gives a platform to members of both industry and academia to discuss innovations in food packaging. Recent developments include the increased shelf-life and safety of foods and novel more sustainable packaging materials.


Current research

Minimal material usage in thermoforming

Up to 80% of costs for a molded component are material costs. With new forming and measurement technologies, exact material characterization and with the usage of simulation tools we can ensure the highest quality with minimal material usage.