New barrier paper for the packaging market

Papers, coated with new bio-based formulations based on proteins, starches, lipids as well as synthetic lacquers (e.g. vinyl alcohols) are attractive for the application as primary packaging for food and pharmaceutical products. The new developed coatings give them a high oxygen and water vapor barrier combined with a good seability. Additionally the biobased coating improves the recyclability and will comply with the new packaging law, which shall become effective in 2019.


Current Research

Recycling of Plastic-Metal Composite Materials

Automobile headlights are assembled from 300 to 500 components and highly complex and therefore pose a big challenge to the recycling industry. The newly developed process enables the recovery of pure forms of plastics and metal with the help of cutting and automated optical sorting systems.


Current research

Minimal material usage in thermoforming

Up to 80% of costs for a molded component are material costs. With new forming and measurement technologies, exact material characterization and with the usage of simulation tools we can ensure the highest quality with minimal material usage.