Technical films for multifunctional applications

Technical films are used today for a wide variety of products and applications including in the packaging, construction, and electronics industries. They are primarily used for protecting highly sensitive products and for surface functionalization. Indeed technical films enable the manufacture of high-performance products such as highly efficient and space-saving insulation materials and organic solar modules. These products offer enormous additional benefits without large usage of materials. We have many years of expertise in this area and develop films with high-barrier properties and product-specific functionalities for customers' applications. In our state-of-the-art pilot plant we test new combinations of materials and offer customers the opportunity to produce new films on a pilot plant scale.

Our services to support your technical applications

Optimization of barrier properties

Do you use special films to protect sensitive products and surfaces? We develop (ultra) barrier films against water vapor, carbon dioxide, odors, ions, etc..

Functionalization of surfaces

We are able to effectively functionalize polymer surfaces at the nano-level. With functionalities such as UV protection, anti-fogging properties, and printed electronics your products can be given additional benefits without large usage of materials.

Enhancement of the service life of technical films

We improve the stability and service life of technical films. Here we take into account the intended application and weigh up the costs and benefits. We also evaluate sealing processes and the tightness of seams.


Data-based modeling

A self-developed computer program allows estimation of the service life of your products using different technical films.

Your benefits

  • Multifunctional surfaces: Create additional benefits for your technical products

  • Sustainable product development: Technical films give your products added value without large usage of materials and they prolong the product service life

  • Pilot production without production downtime: Our special plants enable you to carry out development activities without interrupting your day-to-day production

  • Access to international projects and the latest R&D results

  • Save money and time with low usage of materials and quick results

  • Support and advice during all development stages

Individual solutions for diverse applications

Films having special barrier and surface properties protect and improve technical products. For example, high and ultra-high barrier films for the encapsulation of electronic components, vacuum panels for construction applications, and solar panels provide excellent protection against oxygen, water vapor, and critical climatic storage conditions. Other functionalities such as electrochromic glazing, anti-fogging, and antibacterial applications can also be realized using our film conversion processes.

We can help you develop technical films for your specific requirements.

A collection of technical films
© Fraunhofer IVV
Barrier films provide protection for highly sensitive products such as electronic components and displays.
Accumulation of vacuum insulation panels
© va-Q-tec
Vacuum insulation panels have a considerably lower thickness for a given level of insulation.
Organic photovoltaic module is held in the air bent with one hand
© Fraunhofer ISE
Organic, flexible photovoltaic modules are the latest technology for generating solar energy.

Benefit from our unique pilot plants

Exterior view of the ALD plant

Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (S-ALD)

Our S-ALD plant is used for coating flexible substrates in a roll-to-roll process. The atomic layer deposition is performed in cycles in order to produce functional barrier films. A single atomic or molecular layer is deposited in each cycle. 3-D surface structures are covered uniformly with contour accuracy even at the nano-level.

Functionalize your films using our S-ALD plant

Film in the lacquering and laminating plant

Lacquering and laminating plant

Surface coating via lacquering and laminating produces materials having high barriers and functionality. The special film feed system on our lacquering and laminating plant also enables highly sensitive films and films coated on one side with thin layers to be processed.

Use our lacquering and laminating plant for your pilot scale production

Exterior view of the vacuum coating plant

Vacuum coating plant

We use our vacuum coating plant to improve the barrier properties, conductivity, optical properties, and mechanical stability of flexible materials. The plant enables metals and oxides to be vaporized and then deposited on web-shaped substrates. These thin functional layers have a thickness in the nano-range and are applied to films ad paper.

Use vacuum coating for your technical films


Extrusion and compounding

Our advanced equipment for extrusion and compounding enable us to test the functional properties of materials prior to industrial use. Processing trials for plastics on a scale from 1 to 100 kg also allow model products (polymer compounds, monofilms, laminated films, and deep-drawn components) to be manufactured.

Optimize your materials using our extrusion and compounding equipment