Technical films - film conversion - barrier films

Development of barrier films in our film conversion pilot plant

We convert technical films into barrier films that are able to meet the highest requirements. This involves enhancing the barriers to oxygen and water vapor and improving the stability and service lives of the films. Barrier films for packaging and encapsulation applications are specially adapted to meet the demands of the products. This enables you to increase the shelf-life of sensitive foods and enhance the service life of sensitive technical products. Costs and benefits are weighed up in all our development work.

How we manufacture barrier films

Web materials are coated under vacuum and also under atmospheric pressure in roll-to-roll processes. Extremely thin inorganic layers can be applied under vacuum. At atmospheric pressure, substrates can be functionalized by organic coatings via wet-chemical application. These barrier layers can be used to replace barriers based on the copolymer EVOH. Roll-to-roll processing enables resource-efficient functional coatings to be developed at an early stage of project work using nanocomposite-based coating and adhesive layers.

Barrier film applications

Customized technical films for specific applications can be manufactured using selected combinations of the aforementioned technologies. High barrier and ultra barrier films offer excellent protection against oxygen and water vapor for the encapsulation of electronic components and for vacuum panels and solar panels. Other functionalities such as electrochromic glazing and anti-fogging and antibacterial properties can be realized using these film conversion techniques. For these applications complex specifications must be met. We can adapt the films as necessary and optimize them using our state-of-the-art analytical facilities.

Small pilot plant facilities for converting technical films

Let us help you enhance the barrier properties of your films!

  • We optimize the barrier properties of technical films using our small pilot scale plants: ALD plant, lacquering and laminating plant, and vacuum coating plant
  • The latest R&D findings are used for product-specific adaptation of the barrier properties to meet the respective requirements
  • Our conversion processes meet industrial standards