Process Development for Polymer Recycling

Granulate Verschlüsse Folien Kunststoffe Kunststoffgranulate Recyclate Rezyklate Kunststoffrecycling Recycling

We use mechanical, chemical, and thermal processes to recover high-purity materials, mostly polymers, from complex mixtures of waste materials. The waste materials are first of all characterized by chemical analysis techniques. Recyclable materials are concentrated by mechanical means, selectively extracted in ATEX-approved pilot plants via percolation or in stirred vessels, and fractionated, purified, and analyzed. The separation of metal-plastic composites allows the recovery of valuable metals (Cu, Ni, rare earth metals). Examples of raw materials that are recovered include: PET, PP, PE, and EPS from post-consumer packaging; PA, PC, ABS, and PC/ABS from post-industrial waste mixtures and waste composites; (E)PS, PVC, ABS, PC/ABS HIPS, and PP from building waste and shredder residues from the recycling of end-of-life vehicles and waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Key areas of research

Process Development for Polymer Recycling


Recycling of packaging waste

Pure recyclates from contaminated plastic waste


Recovery of valuable materials from plastic composites/laminates