Innovative sensor technology and virtual assistance for quality-assured, resource-efficient cleaning processes: Fraunhofer IVV at parts2clean 2023 in Stuttgart

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From September 26 to 28, 2023, the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV will be attending the trade fair in hall 10, booth D28, and showcasing two pioneering technology solutions, which address the cross-industry challenges posed by stricter energy efficiency and climate protection targets, increasing cleanliness requirements and the shortage of skilled workers.

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The innovative combination of highly integrated sensor technology, AR and digital twin enables reliable, consistent quality assurance and documentation of manual cleaning processes.
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Rendering of the CoControl-Lumi 3D detection system with a component in the chamber.
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“CoControl-Lumi3D” permits fully automated detection and documentation of filmic contaminations.

“CleanAssist” - an innovative approach to manual cleaning


To meet the challenges of manual cleaning processes, Fraunhofer IVV has developed a sensor-based cleaning lance that, for the first time, guarantees a reliable, recordable and reproducible cleaning process, even for manual spray-based cleaning. “CleanAssist” systematically records each cleaning step and ensures precise and efficient cleaning management, facilitating compliance with audit guidelines as well as standardized training.

The fully integrated sensor technology in the cleaning lance automatically captures the cleaning performance and all relevant process parameters. Surfaces that have been cleaned are documented and sensitive areas, such as sensitive components, can be blocked for cleaning if necessary. 

The cleaning lance transfers process parameters and position data in near real time to a mobile terminal, such as AR data glasses or a tablet. The digital twin is projected onto the real production environment, providing the cleaning lance user with immediate feedback on which areas have been successfully cleaned and which areas still need cleaning.

“CleanAssist” provides support during cleaning and in selecting the appropriate cleaning process. Users are guided through optimized cleaning cycles and can avoid errors caused by improper cleaning. The technology also enables efficient training of cleaning staff and significantly reduces the training period for new employees.


“CoControl-Lumi3D” - automated detection of filmic contaminations on three-dimensional components


A basic requirement for quality-assured, needs-based cleaning processes and efficient quality management is the ability to reliably detect the current surface contamination level.

To allow reproducible, fast and complete detection of contamination, Fraunhofer IVV has developed the “CoControl-Lumi3D” optical detection system. The system only needs a few seconds to determine filmic impurities based on the fluorescence response of organic substances. “CoControl-Lumi3D” also enables automated, traceable documentation of the contamination level.

While conventional systems only capture filmic impurities on a one- or two-dimensional level, “CoControl-Lumi3D” is able to assign the detected contamination to a position in space. Linking the 3D model of the component to the gathered information allows users to selectively check functional surfaces, such as seals or joints, for compliance with the required cleanliness criteria.

The measuring system can be customized up to clean room level and can be used both directly in production as an inline application or as an atline or offline solution in the laboratory.



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