Transport safety of peelable packages

Due to a rapidly aging society, easy-to open packages have moved into the focus of the packaging industry. For the field of food and cosmetic products on one hand but also for medical products on the other hand these packages are indispensable today.

The test standard DIN 55 409 and the guide values for peelable packages (both developed by Fraunhofer IVV Dresden) are being very well received and are in high demand.

The production of a high quality, safely closed and easy to open package imposes high requirements on the process control, the packaging material and the quality assurance because of the reduced seam strengths. Contamination of the seam and deviations in the packaging process cannot generally be avoided. Nevertheless, it must be ensured that the product reaches the consumer in an excellent quality. The question arises, how strong a peelable seam must be to at least endure the transport, handling and storage processes on its way from the manufacturer to the consumer and which variables exist to minimize the strain on the sealed seam.

The aims of the project are:

  • contacting interested people and reach agreements on the contents of the project
  • choosing of critical products and packaging systems (primary and secondary packaging)
  • inquiry of the state of the art (literature and test standards)
  • first trials to imitate stresses which occur during transport and handling processes
  • to work out an AiF/IGF project and application

Project term: 2015
Project management
/project funding:
Industrievereinigung für Lebensmitteltechnologie und Verpackung e. V. - IVLV