GEA Forming and Closing Machine

Power Pak ST 420

Image of the  GEA Forming and Closing Machine - Power Pak ST 420

Thanks to the support of GEA Food Solutions GmbH, laboratory-scaled technologies can be transferred and tested in commercially available industrial plants.

For this purpose GEA Food Solutions Germany GmbH has provided the ultra-modern forming and closing machine (Power Pak ST 420 (BJ. 2013)).





  • a wide range of packaging types and forms such as grip protection, vacuum-sealing, MAP, as well as flexible and rigid films
  • innovative operating software ensures smooth processing and can be controlled via a 10” touch screen
  • the machine combines exceptional space-efficiency with premium quality
  • flexible longitudinal and cross-cutting systems mean cuts and formats can be set to customer’s requirements
  • reduced evacuation volumes and times thanks to proximity of evacuation valves to dies
  • GEA CostFox can be used to gather and save all production data for the monitoring of key parameters as an option
  • optionally the GEA PowerPakST can be connected to a network or a PDA (Production Data Acquisition) system
  • lubricant-free lifting and cutting systems, sloped surfaces, open chain guides etc. ensure Hygienic design