Plant proteins as a replacement for eggs


Increasing demand for plant-based ingredients to replace eggs in foods

Feine Backwaren mit pflanzlichen Proteinen als Eiersatz

In recent years there has been steadily growing demand for vegetarian and vegan foods. Hens' eggs are traditionally used for making cakes and pastries, meaning that companies in this sector of industry have hitherto not been able to profit from the increasing demand for vegan products. The unique feature that makes hens' eggs ideal for baking cakes and pastries is the composition of the different protein fractions which largely determine functional properties such as emulsification, foaming, and gel formation. These in turn determine quality aspects such as the volume, texture, and porosity of, for example, sponge cakes.

Technofunctional properties of proteins

In order to successfully replace eggs in cake and pastry recipes it is essential to have a fundamental understanding of the functional properties of plant proteins and combinations of plant proteins. To this end, the Fraunhofer IVV is studying the gel formation mechanisms of combinations of plant proteins and of proteins and hydrocolloids, taking into account possible matrix effects such as the sucrose concentration. The aim of the project is to identify a protein mixture having suitable gel-forming properties to replace hens' eggs in cake and pastry products.

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