Lupine ice cream

Plant-based ice cream made from lupine developed with spin-off company Prolupin GmbH

Three scoops of chocolate ice cream and ice cream cones
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Lupines as protein source

With the increasing demand and growing variety of plant-based protein sources, we have explored sweet lupine as a regional and sustainable protein source. The processed lupine protein has a neutral flavor profile and is highly versatile, depending on the manufacturing process. As a result, we have succeeded in developing an ice cream based on lupine protein that is on par with dairy-based ice cream in terms of both taste and sensory properties.

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Plant-based ice cream

Pure enjoyment is promised by the entirely plant-based ice cream made from lupine. The ice cream contains no animal products, only vegetable fats and high-quality lupine protein from locally grown produce. The balance between vegetable fats and lupine protein makes the ice cream highly valuable in terms of nutritional physiology.
The lupine protein contained in the ice cream is easy to process and has excellent sensory properties. The selected lupine variety can be processed regionally without long transport routes. Unlike soybeans, there are no genetically modified varieties of lupines.

Luve lupine ice cream of the varieties biscuit caramel, lughurt strawberry, chocolate and vanilla