Materials Development

Verschiedene, farbige Folien

We specialize in the multilayer extrusion of flat and flexible polymer materials and in the wet chemical and vacuum coating of these materials on a small pilot plant scale. The objective is the manufacture of (ultra) barrier films for technical applications and for food packaging. This includes materials with integrated active functions. We evaluate the surface structure (e.g. with AFM), the mechanical and optical properties of packaging materials, and the barrier properties to gases and water vapor. The permeation data are interpreted using advanced simulation programs. This allows us to extrapolate the measurement data to the end value, so considerably shortening measurement times. We also develop algorithms for precise shelf-life modeling as a function of the transport and storage conditions. These can be used for optimizing packaging concepts.

Key areas of research

Materials Development


Shelf-life simulation for optimizing packaging systems

Technical films


Biopolymers for paper and film applications