Fat substitution using plant proteins

Proteins instead of fat

Fat-reduced bread spread in which fat has been reduced with proteins

Protein suspensions can be obtained as a fat-like mass by a special manufacturing process. This is achieved by forming micro-fine, spherical protein aggregates of a few micrometers in diameter. These are not soluble in water and have a hydrophobic, fat-like surface. Thus, they behave in water like oil droplets in a mayonnaise and slide off each other very easily in the food matrix. This creates a soft consistency and a mouthfeel typical of fat. By using the novel product, the fat content in food can be reduced by up to 90%, depending on the application.

Research need

The average fat consumption in Germany is almost 50% above the recommended amount. A reduction of fat in food is urgently needed, but usually affects the taste and mouthfeel of food negatively.

Health benefits

Reducing fat consumption, especially the consumption of saturated fatty acids, makes a decisive contribution to preventing obesity. This improves blood lipid levels and thus also reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and heart attacks.

What can proteins do?

  • Micro-fine protein spheres for creamy consistency
  • Fat-typical mouthfeel
  • Reduction of fat content up to 90% 
  • Wide range of applications
  • Neutral taste due to new manufacturing process


Due to a new manufacturing process, the product has hardly any inherent taste and can therefore be used in a wide range of foods. Possible applications include mayonnaises and dressings, spreads such as chocolate cream or cheese spread, praline fillings, meat pastes and creamy desserts.