Functionalization and modification of plant raw materials

High-quality foods with attractive sensory properties and high-performance technical products require raw materials having optimum functionality. In many cases the starting property profiles of plant isolates, concentrates, and extracts are inadequate for these materials to be directly used in the target products. We therefore develop methods for the enzymatic, chemical, and physical modification and functionalization of plant raw materials under gentle conditions. The application properties of the functionalized intermediate products (e.g. solubility, emulsifying properties, foaming behavior, gel formation properties, adhesion, film formation) are investigated in model formulations and products (e.g. emulsions, drinks, pasta products, and baked products in the area of foods and lubricants, adhesives, and pigments in the area of technical products). Our technical equipment enables us to perform tests and trials on both a laboratory scale and on a small pilot plant scale up to 2 m³.