Sustainable innovations in pet food

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Heimtiernahrung wird auf Laborwaage untersucht
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Using new raw materials and sustainable packaging is becoming ever more important in the pet food sector. We support manufacturers during product development, for example by analyzing how a changed recipe or different packaging will influence the flavor and odor of a product. Where manufacturers are looking to expand their product range, we develop meat alternatives, using proteins from plant-based materials or insects. Using extrusion technology, we develop and optimize products from laboratory to pilot scale.

We also support you in developing sustainable packaging concepts, including how to boost recyclability and to use recycled materials as well as to reduce material consumption. We examine and validate specific material properties and help you with the implementation to achieve optimal machinability.

In addition, we check new and existing materials to ensure conformity. Further services include quality assessments based on different storage conditions as well as shelf-life modeling for shelf-life prediction.

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