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Novelty for tank cleaning: Inline monitoring using highly integrated contamination sensors in adaptive jet cleaner

We present a novelty for tank cleaning at the VDMA booth in hall B3, booth 336! The "AJCsen" is the newest version of an intelligent, autonomous tank cleaning system for time- and resource-optimized cleaning processes.


Permanent inline monitoring for adaptive, fully documentable cleaning

The »AJCsens« is a technological advancement of the Adaptive Jet Cleaner (AJC). For the first time, a highly integrated and miniaturized optical inline contamination sensor in the 360° (in all directions) movable nozzle head of the jet cleaner now enables holistic, permanent inline monitoring of the tank cleaning process.

Like the AJC, the »AJCsens« works on the basis of two independently operating axes. This means that the cleaning pathways can be freely programmed and thus any part of the tank can be targeted. Thanks to the integrated height adjustment of the »AJCsens«, even spray shadow areas, for example behind complex interior geometries, can be detected, controlled and specifically cleaned with direct jet impact.

The self-optimizing process control implemented in the »AJCsens« allows demand-based, location-resolved optimized cleaning of the entire tank space and thus significant resource savings compared to commercially available target steel cleaners. In addition, fully automated documentation of the tank cleaning process is now possible.

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Crystal oscillator technology for monitoring the inline cleaning of piping systems

You can also experience another innovative sensor solution for demand-based design of the cleaning process in closed systems such as pipework.

The combined fouling-cleaning sensor operates based on the thickness shear oscillator principle and enables the detection of viscous food contamination even in pipework that is difficult to access. The highly accurate measuring principle enables monitoring of the contamination state even for very thin layers that cannot be detected optically. Intelligent data evaluation also ensures targeted cleaning in line with requirements. This sensor is also very small and compact and can thus be integrated into a closed system with little effort via standard interfaces.

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