Efficiency analysis for processing machinery

person analysing a process

We offer plant operators and plant manufacturers assistance with efficiency analyses and improving the efficiency of production processes. Our state-of-the-art analytical methods and process know-how enable us to identify potential technical and organization enhancements for your production operations.

Our services for increasing the efficiency of your plants

  • We offer detailed analysis using a self-developed system.

  • We identify the potential for technical and organization optimization.

  • We uncover shortcomings/faults and propose solutions.


Throughout the analysis your production plant can continue full operation.

How we analyze the process

Using our self-developed precision analysis system we are able to exactly locate and trace faults/shortcomings and their causes. The system comprises portable devices, optical counters/registers, and cameras. Utilizing our technical knowledge and experience we assess any faults/shortcomings , identify interrelationships, and propose solutions.

State-of-the-art analysis techniques allow us to unambiguously assign faults/shortcomings to either the production operation or to the machinery manufacturer. Our analyses provide an objective data basis in the event of conflict between a plant manufacturer and an operator. The data can be used for constructive discussions between the parties and facilitate fast plant handover.

The analysis of existing plants enables key components and procedures to be identified. This information then presents the scope for significantly increasing plant efficiency and lowering production costs.

We provide on-site training to allow you yourself to perform analyses.

Efficiency analysis step by step

Based on your technical requirements and after on-site discussions we identify what plant components are of particular importance for you, what performance parameters must be realized and where, and what products should be produced and in what quantity, etc.. During the plant inspection we define, in consultation with you, the system limits and systematically split up the plant into sections. We then observe and analyze the performance of your plant in operation.

A meaningful analysis or acceptance test requires an observation time of ca. 48-72 hours. During this procedure your production can continue undisrupted. After we evaluate the acquired data you are given a detailed report and presentation. We discuss and appraise with you strategies for improvement.

These are the results of the efficiency analysis

  • calculation of relevant parameters, e.g. technical machine efficiency in accordance with DIN8743:2014
  • comparison of the actual and desired performance parameters
  • detailed report of the results and photographic documentation
  • presentation of the results, with video for clarification
  • objective discussion of the results with you and presentation of strategies for improvement