Intelligent measurement of the tensile strenght required to open peelable packaging

Pack Peel Scan

Sealed seam analysis 4.0

  • Constant opening angle of 135° guarantees measurement in accordance with DIN 55409 - Part 2
  • Random measurement of samples by employees possible in the production environment
  • Integrated, self-learning assistance system for determination of the sealed seam quality from the opening force profile and detection of faults in the sealing process
  • Support for operators to rectify shortcomings with seal quality


  • The HMI acts as a mediator between humans and machines
  • Organization of the operating structure based on the workflow 
  • Task-oriented design of the HMI allows better operator understanding of situations/processes 
  • Prevention of operating errors, shorter production times, and hence improved process efficiency


  • Can be used in production and in the laboratory
  • Suitable for all scales and geometries
  • Seam quality evaluation for each measurement
  • Measurement of opening forces in accordance with DIN 55409 – Part 2
  • Prevention of operating errors due to innovative HMI design
  • Integrated assistance system for diagnosing sealed seam faults
  • Generation of quality data for optimizing packing processes
  • Easy removal of the packaging

Intelligent, flexible sealing seam analysis


Careful monitoring of product packaging is necessary in order to assure product safety and the machinability of, in particular, newly developed recyclable materials.

The self-learning assistance system that is integrated into the Pack Peel Scan evaluates seam quality from the opening force profile using methods of machine learning. It also analyses the causes of faults in the sealing process. This means that shortcomings in the seam quality can be rapidly and effectively identified during the packing process. Defective products can be immediately sorted out and the process parameters adjusted accordingly. 

In contrast to the most commonly used devices for seam analysis, the robust construction of the Peel Pack Scan means the device can be used in the production environment as well as in the laboratory.

The test piece mounting is size-adjustable and can be easily and quickly removed and can be used for virtually all shapes of packaging. Both the device and test piece mounting are easy to clean.

The constant opening angle of 135° guarantees that measurements using the Pack Peel Scan are in accordance with DIN 55409 - Part 2.


Enhanced process efficiency due to task-oriented HMI design


The human machine interface (HMI) of the Pack Peel Scan was developed following the innovative approach of task-oriented human-machine interaction.

The displayed information has been customized for the tasks of the operators and respective domain requirements and takes into account the special psychological characteristics of human perception.

This provides operators with improved understanding of situations and processes, a clearer balance of information, and simpler knowledge acquisition. The HMI functions as an 'interpreter' of data and human thought. As such, operating errors that could arise with a purely optically-oriented HMI can be avoided.

The development work made use of recent expertise in engineering psychology acquired by the Fraunhofer IVV Dresden.


Continuous automated logging of product safety


The Pack Peel Scan enables direct comparison of the recorded process data with the defined quality parameters for the peel strength of the sealed seam. The recorded quality data can be continuously logged and transferred via an interface directly to an ERP or QM/QA system.

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