Strategic themes areas

Bioeconomy and the circular economy - Health and well-being - Security and resilience

A picture is divided into segments, which is intended to symbolize the division of subject areas. In the middle, a central rod points upwards, which stands for the strategy.
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In view of the needs and challenges of tomorrow, we are focusing on three strategic themes areas where we will be employing our multidisciplinary knowledge and our core competences from the food and packaging industries in a targeted manner in order to play an active role in shaping the future of our society.

Our strategic theme areas at a glance


Bioeconomy and the circular economy

As we strive to achieve climate neutrality in order to ease the burden on the environment, our developments are helping companies to establish a bio-based circular economy.


Health and well-being

Driven by an approach to health that incorporates personal well-being, our research supports companies that are developing innovations.


Security and resilience

To ensure that people have a secure supply of high-quality food, we help companies to design resilient processes.

Visual journey as insight into our research

Bioeconomy and the circular economy

A leaf shining green-yellow with highlighted veins as a symbol for bioeconomy.
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The combination of a growing global population, climate change, dwindling resources and the loss of agricultural land presents challenges that can only be overcome with sustainable value creation. On the way to climate neutrality and to relieve the environment, it is required to use renewable raw materials in industry and to establish cycle management systems for technical and packaging materials. We are using our expertise to help companies with the transformation to the bioeconomy and the circular economy. Furthermore, our research is helping to raise awareness of the importance of collective action across politics and society.

Health and well-being

Bright yellow-orange segments of an orange symbolizing health.
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The societal trend towards a holistic approach to health is increasingly permeating every area of life and has become one of the most important drivers of research and innovation. This approach aims to place the human being as a whole at the very center while taking the entire sphere of activity of that same human being into account. The demand for individual, safe and healthy foods made from alternative raw ingredients, and indeed for safe and sustainable products in general, is growing. With our expertise, we are contributing to sustainable consumption and helping to make it a positive experience.

Security and resilience

Schematic of a circuit board in blue-red color with binary number series superimposed on it as a symbol of resilience.
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Making sure that people have a secure supply of safe, high-quality food is a task of systemic importance. However, climate change and dwindling resources such as water and raw materials are putting severe pressure on this supply. Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic has shown that, in times of crisis, the existing system of supply chains is not able to ensure a secure supply in a globalized world. We use our expertise to help our customers and partners to achieve resilient and robust system design, and we contribute our knowledge to numerous networks.