Gebäude Fraunhofer ILV, München, 1960-1996

History of the Fraunhofer IVV


Prof. Andrea Büttner takes over as Executive Director in April 2020.



Prof. Dr. Andrea Büttner appointed new Director of Institute in November 2019.



Extension of the food pilot plant.

With the adaptation of the basic hygiene facilities to legal requirements, a wide range of food products can now be produced as pilot samples for consumer tests.



Official opening of the new food pilot plant at the Fraunhofer IVV.



Prof. Dr. Horst-Christian Langowski becomes institute director.



The name of the institute is changed to the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV.



Relocation of the institute from Munich to Freising.



Dr. Wolfgang Holley becomes institute director.



Prof. Dr. Werner Bauer becomes institute director.

Start of collaboration with TU München in Weihenstephan.



The institute becomes a full member of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft as the Fraunhofer Institute for Food Technology and Packaging ILV.



Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schricker becomes institute director.



The institute becomes an associated member of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.



The supporting association of the institute and the Technische Universität München enter into a collaborative contract, with the institute becoming an »Institute at TU München«.



The ILV is involved in the founding of the AiF (Federation of Industrial Research Associations), an umbrella organization for industrial research in Germany.



The name of the institute is changed to the »Institute for Food Technology and Packaging ILV«; the supporting association is designated a non-profit organization.



Senior employees of the institute give lectures at the Technische Hochschule München on the topic food preservation, and subsequently on the topics of process engineering and food technology.



The name of the institute is changed to the »Institute for Food Technology«.



Foundation of the »Institute for Food Research« in Munich under the leadership of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Rudolf Heiss.

Seven companies in the food and packaging industries establish an association to support the institute. The aim is to undertake joint R&D projects for the state and industry.

At the outset the institute mainly undertakes food-related projects. These projects cover the whole process from raw materials to packaged products, including all aspects relating to quality and shelf-life. Packaging-related projects become ever more important.