Fraunhofer Project Center in Brazil

Fraunhofer Project Center for Innovations in Food and Bioresources at ITAL

The Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging has set up a joint work group with the Fraunhofer Project Center for Innovation in Food and Bioresources at ITAL (Institute for Food Technology) in Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil) to study the processing of high-quality raw materials and foods such as coffee, chocolate, and tropical fruits and to study the utilization of biogenic raw materials and residual materials for industrial applications.

The Fraunhofer Project Center (FPC) provides the framework for joint research projects involving the two institutes. The aim is to develop innovative products and processes and to assist SMEs in both countries by carrying out application-oriented development projects. This collaboration is a response to the challenges of globalization and offers partner companies in both countries new opportunities for international networking and access to new markets.

The founding of the Fraunhofer Project Center in December 2013 extends the longstanding scientific collaboration in the area of packaging between the institutes with the following four topics:



Sunflowers have huge potential for agricultural and food production. Up until now they have been almost exclusively cultivated for plant oil. Residual materials from the oil production such as proteins, seed husks, and secondary plant ingredients have remained unutilized. SunPro is a joint German-Brazilian research project aimed at optimizing the cultivation and processing of sunflowers.