Process analysis and simulation

Structured procedures for process analysis allow the identification of interactions and parameters for forming, filling, and sealing processes and also industrial cleaning processes. Systematic data evaluation enables the determination of causal and stochastic relationships between process states, quality parameters, effectiveness parameters, and efficiency parameters.

The scientific simulation work focuses on

-   forming and welding methods for flexible materials

-   industrial cleaning processes

including the characterization of material properties and their modeling.

The objectives are acceleration of development processes by reducing the number of experiments/tests, process and product optimization due to improved understanding of the process, and comprehensive parameter and design studies.

Research projects – Process analysis and simulation

  • Development of a software for the implementation of virtual cleaning ability tests and simulation of complex spray cleaning systems – SIMKOR

  • New temperature sensors for heat sealing – HePhaiStOs

  • Influence of local directed air streaming on the reshaping process while thermoforming – FiT

  • Development of a test stand for the determination of the temperature dependent biaxial tension-stretching-behaviour of polymers – BiZu

  • Development of a measurement system for the determination of the geometrical measurements and the wall thickness distribution of 3D-bodies – GeWand