Web transport of flexible materials

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  • Detection of local material stress in the production process

  • Determination of the material properties at processing rates of up to 120 m/min (friction/bending/electrostatics)

  • Identification of the causes of web transport problems

  • Optical determination of the web tension profile (using the oWTP scanner)

  • Measurement of the web tension profile when using other processing modules (e.g. forming collar)


  • Assurance of defined web transport through the machine/plant

  • Assurance of product quality and increased plant availability by having defined web transport

  • Measurement and reduction of the effect of machine components on the web transport

  • Design of components for processing machinery in order to optimize web transport

Your benefits


  • Effective quality assurance due to defined web transport

  • Identification of measures to optimize web transport

  • Improvement of plant availability

  • Improvement of process reliability

  • Direct measurement on the moving web under defined processing conditions
Web transport test rig
© Fraunhofer IVV
Web transport test rig – unwinding
Web transport test rig
© Fraunhofer IVV
Web transport test rig – forming collar
Web transport test rig
© Fraunhofer IVV
Web transport test rig – dancing roller

Importance of effective web transport

The web transport test rig uses the rewinder principle and comprises unwinding, measurement/testing, and winding sections. It allows defined processing conditions to be set. Controlled unwinding comes after a controlled dancing roller system in the form of a web buffer. Selecting the tension of the buffer allows the winding of the web to be performed under defined winding tension.

In the measurement/testing section, the processing and measurement of the web tension / web tension profile are performed. Testing different machine components is made possible by the flexible web transport, separate drive system, and large assembly space.