New processes for recycling plastics

Our CreaSolv® Process allows efficient separation of plastic composites and contaminated post-consumer waste. Odorous substances and contaminants (PBDE, HBCD, etc.) can therefore be efficiently removed. In order to recover high-purity materials from complex mixtures of waste materials, we specifically combine the CreaSolv® Process with mechanical, chemical and thermal processes.

We produce trial samples of high-quality polymer recyclates using our individual adapted processes in order to acquire reliable data for economic and technical evaluation of processes and for subsequently project realization.

Our range of services in the field of plastics recycling

  • Realization and optimization of solvent-based processes for recycling plastics (CreaSolv® Process)
  • Solvent-based separation of plastic/plastic and metal/plastic composites
  • Elimination of contaminants and odors from contaminated waste (PBDE, HBCD, DEHP, REACH, RoHS)
  • Production of high-quality polymer samples from post-industrial and post-consumer waste for the economic and technical evaluation of processes
  • Enrichment of key raw materials (antimony, indium, etc.) from complex waste streams
  • Combining solvent-based processes with sensor-aided and mechanical sorting methods in order to decrease process costs and increase process chain efficiency