Fermentation of plant raw materials

Lupine seeds and flakes and flour

Plant raw materials often contain flavor components and antinutritive substances that limit their use in foods. We develop processes to remove these substances via fermentation and simultaneously improve the nutritive, technofunctional, and especially sensory properties of the raw materials. Leguminous plants, that typically have bean-like and bitter flavors, can for example be processed in such a way that they can be used in vegan foods. A key area of research is the development of plant-based alternatives to dairy products. We use fermentation processes to generate specific product textures. The plant proteins are networked in such a way that it is possible to manufacture both plant-based yoghurt and cheese. In addition, we can customize the fermentation to produce specific taste and flavor characteristics, for example acidity and freshness to the palate. We carry out this work on a scale from 500 ml to 20 l.