Self-learning assistance system for machine operators

Our vision of self-learning assistance systems

Operator experience is the key for stable and efficient processes. We collect and digitize this knoweldge and when needed we make this information available to users via self-learning assistance systems.

Video 'Self learning Assistance System for Operators of processing machinery'

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Your experience – efficiently recorded and utilized

A prerequisite for identifying and remedying production faults and problems is detailed understanding of the production process and experience operating the relevant machinery.

This knowledge of machine operators is personal and is usually not documented.The efficiency of industrial processing
machinery is hence often far below the technical capabilities of the machinery. In addition, ineffective strategies to change
this situation lead to recurring production downtime and inferior product quality.

Working with partners from industry and R&D establishments we are developing an intelligent, self-learning assistance system for machine operators. This records, saves, and links the experience of operators, and then makes this information available depending on particular future situations. The system observes machine states and operator actions and saves successful strategies.

Without intervening in the operation of a machine, our system helps your employees to effectively operate machines in different


Our self-learning assistance system for machine operators uses detailed machine state monitoring and fault diagnosis to provide customized, situation-specific assistance for your processes.

For the fault diagnosis and system monitoring we utilize established methods of machine learning. The system observes and analyzes machine and operator behavior and evaluates the acquired data.

More precise diagnosis of downtimes/ faults is made possible by the use of complex mathematical algorithms.

After the development phase is complete you receive a system which can be adapted for new and existing machinery. It keeps learning as you use the system and helps to remedy production problems. This means fewer and shorter production downtimes.