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News from the Fraunhofer IVV

  • Efficient barrier for recyclable films

    News / August 03, 2021

    Flexible Folie auf zu verpackenden Fleischbällchen sowie Käse- und Salamischeiben

    The topic of circular economy and the recyclable materials associated with this are becoming more and more important. In order to increase the use of recyclable, flexible packaging materials, including for ambitious applications, we are developing innovative barrier coatings for monofilms as part of the BarriFlex project.

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  • Aufgeschnittener Burger auf Pflanzenbasis

    Along with taste and texture, a deciding factor when it comes to the acceptability of plant-based meat alternatives is their juiciness. As part of the EIT Food project JuicyMeatAlternatives, which was launched recently, we have been investigating how this essential sensory attribute can be optimized.

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  • Nahnaufnahme von Weinreben im Sonnenlicht
    © BrunoGermany/

    As part of the SmartGrape project, which was launched recently, we have been developing an AI-based measurement system. This can be used to assess the quality of grapes quickly and in a non-destructive manner. In the future, an easy-to-use tool might also be used to simultaneously characterize and digitize other raw materials for agriculture in a single operation

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  • Fractions of broad beans

    With high protein levels and a balanced mix of amino acids, domestically grown legumes are a versatile source of functional ingredients for foodstuffs. At present, protein concentrates are made principally from peas and lupines. However, researchers working on the QualiFabaBean project have now come up with fava bean flours and concentrates that can be used as ingredients in products such as gluten-free and wheat-based baked goods, meat alternatives, and emulsions.

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  • Reinigung durch Roboter

    This forum will provide workshop participants from research and industry with an opportunity to discuss their experience of the implementation of intelligent digitalization solutions for component cleaning, the development of adaptive cleaning processes and the use of flexible, robot-assisted cleaning systems.

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  • Cocktail tomatoes in active packaging
    © Tomas_Mina/

    In the FreshInPac project, our researchers are developing active packaging for fresh and perishable foods such as fruit and vegetables. There are two mains reasons why such products spoil so quickly: mold and the plant hormone ethylene, which triggers ripening. To prevent this, our researchers are incorporating so-called ethylene scavengers in packaging materials.

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  • Shredded plastic recyclates in various laboratory glasses

    For recyclates to be used to manufacture new products, unpleasant odors have to be minimized. To satisfy the sensory requirements, we can characterize odor-producing substances relevant to you and work with you to develop strategies to optimize and minimize the odor.

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  • Green extract for the production of biobased additives

    The bio-based extracts we have developed from residual products from the agricultural and food industries offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional, mineral-based antioxidants.

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