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News from the Fraunhofer IVV

  • verschiedene Papierverpackungen
    © / Nikita Burdenkov

    As part of the recently launched “CoatNanoCell” project, we are developing barrier coatings made of nanocellulose for fiber-based packaging composites. These packaging composites are 100 percent recyclable and can therefore be classified as a monomaterial. The aim is for the new nanocellulose coating to replace conventional plastic coatings in paper composites. To do so, it must provide a sufficiently strong barrier against oxygenas well as good protection against mineral oils and grease. To ensure that the coatings can also be applied on a large scale, we are developing a roll-to-roll application process.

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  • Oak tree and oak leaves
    © / frantic00

    As part of the “BioBarrier4Fiber” project launched in 2023, we are developing a novel coating concept for fiber-based food packaging. The end result will be a water vapor barrier that can be processed flexibly and that also has good sealability. Existing bio-based coatings are unable to combine these properties. The multifunctional coating system will be produced from different suberin fatty acids extracted from the cork of oak and beech trees.

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  • Food quality control by means of sensors and CG systems

    Scientists in the recently launched SENT-GC-MOS research project are working on a system development tool that will enable gas chromatography to be tailored to specific applications based on simulation models, allowing for easy monitoring of food quality. To show how quickly and efficiently a GC demonstrator can be developed using this tool, researchers are using a practical example of a portable GC analysis system for detecting fatty acid oxidization products and mold contamination.

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  • Would you like to find out how to sort plastic packaging in order to make it part of the circular economy? Then join our webinar “Innovative sorting for plastic packaging waste: Tracer-Based-Sorting and digital watermarking, in conjunction with NIR sorters" on 29 June from 13h30 to 15h30 (CET)!

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  • Sustainable innovations in pet food

    News / May 31, 2023

    Heimtiernahrung wird auf Laborwaage untersucht
    © / microgen

    The pet food market is increasingly focusing on the use of new raw materials, sustainable packaging and alternative meat products. We develop and validate sustainable packaging concepts, support manufacturers in product development, and perform quality assessments and shelf life projections.

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  • A young woman looking at apples on a tree and holding a tablet in her hand
    © / digital-moyo-studios

    In the MIRO project, we join forces with our project partners to show how digitalization solutions can future-proof the entire “fruit value chain” from cultivation to processing and marketing. The primary focus of the project is to actively and sustainably mitigate today’s challenges, such as the conflicting goals of protecting the environment/climate while boosting productivity, or the lack of skilled workers. We are developing digital assistance system that effectively support skilled and seasonal employees in fruit processing operations, both during induction and in the completion of their daily work tasks. As part of the project, we want to demonstrate these solutions in practical applications. For this purpose, we are looking for suitable application partners such as yourself. Are you interested in quickly training your seasonal staff, regardless of their native language? Then get in touch!

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  • Scientist analyzes food at the microscope
    © / AlexRaths

    Our newly founded “Monitoring Quality Changes” working group is researching the influences acting on food during storage. The focus is on holistic analysis and assessment of the influence of external factors, such as light, temperature or gas atmosphere, as they interact with the product’s composition. We examine the changes in the ingredients down to trace amount levels. In addition to established procedures, we also use special optical methods, including spectroscopy and image analysis, for fast and non-destructive quality assessments.

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  • Insights into our research work

    News / April 04, 2023

    Scientist looks at green plants through a magnifying glass

    At the Fraunhofer IVV, we follow our vision of a healthy future worth living in by focusing on the needs of tomorrow. In using our knowledge and competencies, we are actively shaping the future. Learn more about our research in the areas of bioeconomy and circular economy, health and well-being, and security and resilience. Our scientists take you on a visual journey and give you insights into our research work.

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