Webinar  /  29. Juni 2023

Webinar: Innovative sorting for plastic packaging waste

Would you like to find out how to sort plastic packaging in order to make it part of the circular economy? Then join our webinar “Innovative sorting for plastic packaging waste: Tracer-Based-Sorting and digital watermarking, in conjunction with NIR sorters" on 29 June from 13h30 to 15h30 (CET)!

The EU-funded projects CIRCULAR FoodPack and CIMPA apply two different innovative sorting technologies: CIRCULAR FoodPack works on Tracer-Based-Sorting, while CIMPA uses digital watermarking, both in conjunction with NIR sorters.

The webinar will investigate the characteristics, differences and similarities of these two sorting technologies and we will discuss about their opportunities for a circular economy. As innovative sorting technologies are crucial for enabling circularity in packaging, the webinar is of huge interest for the scientific and industrial community as well as for the policy makers.